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Brief Report on Field Trial with biostimulant Albit liquid paste

Agricultural crop Maize


Location of trial Locatia BABENI, jud. VALCȿȺ, Romania
Experimental field area, ha 1.5

Date of sowing April 17, 2015
Date of harvesting August 28, 2015

Soil and how it was treated Chernozem; plowing, harrowing, sowing and herbicide treatment
Climatic traits of the year drought in June-August

Number of treatments with Albit 3

Application rate of Albit 40 mL/t + 40 mL/ha + 40 mL/ha
Amount of working solution 10 L/t + 300 L/ha

Terms of application of Albit, what chemical pesticides it was combined with: 1 - tillering stage
with FOLIAR DE ZINC (fungicide) and BUCTRIL (herbicide)

Yield in control (no Albit treatment) 15 t/1.5 ha (10 t/ha)
Yield in the variant treated with Albit 20 t/1.5 ha (13.3 t/ha)

Yield increase due to the treatment with Albit 5 t/1.5 ha (3.3 t/ha) (33 %)

Other important observations Resistance to drought, height of stem, root system and the size of
corn cob are increased, maturing period was reduced by one month.

Farmer (Head of the enterprise) Stanciu Romeo
‘Attested’ — Official Distributor of Albit LLC Iurie Morari


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